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              First I would like to say thanks for visiting our website we are adding new things to the site daily, if you do not see something that you think should be on here please feel free to contact us and let us know as we are always looking for new things to place on our website. our website is owned by Aaron Forsman who's ham call sign is wx4dab and the page is for weather related information for the Central Florida area but more so for Daytona Beach the call sign wx4dab is simple.... WX = Weather, 4 = For, and dab = Daytona Beach hence Weather For Daytona Beach..... currently those involved in WX4DAB are Aaron Forsman (WX4DAB) and Anthony Lewis (KG4TEL) we are avid storm chasers and love anything to do with Severe weather from Tornados to Hurricanes to just a large Thunderstorm... We hope that this website is simple for you to navigate and if you feel that anything needs to be changed please contact us and let us know!!!!! We are also looking for other storm chasers and weather buffs that are interested in exchanging links on our website in return of you placing a link on your website to ours we will do the same and place a link to your website on our website. Our live feed page consist of a live feed to the Volusia County EDACS System for Fire/Police/EMS there is also a live feed to the NOAA Weather Radio System and to the Echo link Weather Network, the weather network is activated during severe hurricanes and is linked into the National Hurricane Center in Miami Florida. on our live cam's page we have live cameras looking at the Worlds Most Famous Beach (Daytona Beach) and as well as Several DOT Traffic Cameras there will be more to come in the near future because as I said we are always adding to the site. A Great way to stay informed of what is going on as well as weather alerts is to join our Facebook Page or our Twitter Alerts.

Again we would love to hear any feed back that you may have and would like to thank you for taking your time to visit us at


Aaron & Anthony